Thursday, February 13, 2014

single and not ready to mingle

well tomorrow marks yet another valentines day that i'm going to spend watching the notebook with my cat... well except that i've never seen the notebook and my cat can't sit still unless he's napping.  however for the first time in forever (see that frozen refrence right there?) i'm actually going to spend valentines day with my single friends yay! we are going to eat lots of food and watch the notebook.

now for the not ready to mingle part of this blog post, so as many people know i am an awkward person who cannot talk to the male species.  the only males i can talk to are family members and like 3 of my brother's friends who i've known since preschool.

so my cousin who is 16 gave me some tips on how to talk to boys maybe this can give you some tips also so without further ado,

tip 1: keep the conversation going, so my cousin told me to always keep the conversation going, don't let it drift off into a awkward silence but at the same time don't try and talk his ear off let him get in a couple sentences.

tip 2: so as most of us know lots of boys love to talk about themselves so get him to talk about himself.  ask him some questions about himself such as "what sports do you play" ask open ended questions instead of asking questions that end in a yes or no.

tip 3: so if you are seriously still reading this you should ask your self this question.  "why are you taking advice on boys from a socially awkward girl and her cousin?" well to be honest i have no idea if these even work because i have never used them...  so if you have trouble talking to boys i cannot help you sorry...

the anon

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