Friday, January 31, 2014

let it snow!

today it snowed, yes like legit snow whenever it snows here it either turns into ice or sloppy mush (which for some reason kids still love)  but for the past couple of days i have been off school to play in the snow!!! but while staring out the window in my maths class it soon dawned on me what would come in the next couple of days...

white girls taking pictures of themselves on their front lawns

so as I logged onto instagram after school my feed was flooded with girls in uggs in their yards, but i must say that i was one of those people...

so here is a blow by blow scheduale of my snow days

so during my 1st snow day i built a snowman and went sledding with my friends, yes i do have friends thank you very much.  it was all fun and games until one of my neighbors stole my saucer and would not give it back, now that little fucker was going to give me back my saucer so i did what the normal socialy-awkward teenager would do, go and force their brother to do it.  in the end i got my saucer back and got my brother to pull me up the hill so i wouldn't have to walk.  Brother=Slave.

on my second snow day my best friend, and i walked to her house, which was a good mile away, so i guess that was my exercise for the day, since swim team was canceled due to unsafe road conditions.  we played with her dog and her sister who is apparently "the shit" at her school.  so we spent part of our time as therapists helping her with her friend problems.  so snow day number two was pretty great and I finally got my friend to watch frozen for the first time (and my 11th time)

on the third day (friday)  i was forced to go to a new gym my mother joined to get my picture taken,  and left my brother and i there to work out for 4 hours yay.  and now as i am writing this i am sitting in my freezing cold room covered in a million blankets trying to finish up this post before i go to bed.  i still have saturday and sunday to play in the snow but i know that i will not be leaving my house until i finish at least 1 season of supernatural.

so now i have 3 glorious days off of school which i am supper happy about as i was the third and last person in my house to get notice of a school cancelation for tomorrow, (well today now i guess) i ran yelling around my house in excitement while my mood was dampened by my father telling me about all the tests and homework i would have to make up on Monday, thanks dad.

so anyway i just thought i would share this, its not really a rant but whatever

playing in the snow,


the anon

Sunday, January 19, 2014

the wonderful flaws of the human race

so as many people know i am an anti social person, and i bet you, are also socially awkward in public as me.  so i made this blog to help people communicate to other humans, however becausei have trouble doing that myself, today's blogpost is going to list all the flaws of our species, because complaining is what I do best (or so my mother says)

so number one on this list is people who can eat however much food they want and not gain weight.  i don't understand why people like that even exist, oh yea its to rub it in my face.  even if i were to not eat anything for a whole day i would gain wait.  but the reality of this statement is that after four hours of that diet shit i'm just like screw this and i clear out the fridge.

next on this long list is people who walk super slow *rips out hair violently*  i literally cannot deal with these people.  and being the awkward person i am i just slow walk behind them, while a normal person would just tell them to go faster or i don't know walk around them?  but not me, like can you not see me walking, jesus, go faster peasant

the third thing on this list is those crazy athletic people who can like run 20 miles without stopping, me on the other hand gets winded from running up stairs.  along with this is people who feel less stressed out after running, like no thats fucked up if i even think about running i get stressed out.  if i was a coral i would be dead because when coral gets stressed they die *fun fact of the day*

last but not least is the beautiful teenagers that get drunk and "shit-faced" every weekend.  high-five to all the socially awkward people who stay home, avoid contact with the human race and run into poles. so to all you people out there, stay weird and try not to pretend to text in public to avoid talking to people. (you know who you are)


the anon