About Me

My name is The Anon.  I'm 15 years young and a writer and enthusiast of all things nutella related.

Once Upon A Time, In December 2013, after indulging in other Blogs as a way to keep up with the latest I decided to join them and thus "The Anon" was born.

I chose to write about things I liked, or to just use this space as a place to rant and get my thoughts out without.  Before long, I had a small group of followers who enjoyed or related to what I wrote, in all honesty I never really expected anyone to enjoy what I was writing on the internet.

I've decided to keep my name secret due to privacy and the fact that I don't want anyone who knows me to know that I have this blog.

Thank You to everyone who takes time out of their day to read my little blog and take interest in what I say.  I will continue to write as long as there are people out there who will continue to enjoy them, and I hope that I have managed to help as least a handful of you in areas that you need it.

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