Wednesday, February 26, 2014

how to write a kick-ass essay

so i have procrastinated doing my science paper (which is due in two days) until now and so far the only thing i have is a thesis satement.  so if you are anything like me, waiting to do homework until the last minuete like me i've compiled a list of things that helped me during the 2 days i worked on my essay in hope that they might help souls like you.

how to write a kick-ass essay

tip number 1: have an amazing thesis statement, so basiclly a thesis statement is just mushing all of your main points into one sentence it should be a sentence that someone can argue with not a fact.

tip number 2: start with your first body paragraph not the introduction, i mean how are you supposed to write an introduction for a paper you have'nt written yet?  do the body paragraphs and the conclusion and then come back and write your introduction, much easier :)

tip number 3: now for having a great body paragraph so you can write whatever the hell you want (well anything pertaning to your subject) it's your paper just tell it like you mean it, don't hold back

ok so those are my tips for writing a great essay im sure there are tons more out there but i didn't want to write like all of them so i hope these helped you to write some sort of essay.  and when you are done with you essay wipe those tears off your face and make yourself a milkshake because you're done

bathing in a puddle of my own tears

the anon

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